Welcome to Good Brew Hunting, where we seek out all the best beers available in Southeastern Mass and Rhode Island. This page is an extension of a column written for the New Bedford Standard Times.

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Don’t be a beer snob

Beer is the drink of the people. It’s relatively cheap, tastes great, acts as a social lubricant, and is good for the soul. Of course, beers differ in quality, but in the end all beer is good beer. As the expression goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”

Unfortunately, with the rise of craft beer comes a rise in a new kind of quasi-class warfare — beer snobbery. Some folks, usually the types who take any opportunity to appear superior to others, look down on those who drink beers that don’t meet their supposedly careful screening process.

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  1. John Murphy

    I saw single bottles of that dogfish head 120 minute IPA at Douglas liquors in Fairhaven but it was 18.99 for a 12oz bottle which I thought was a little steep even though I would like to try it. I got a four pack of Blithering Idiot barleywine ale for 12 something instead.


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