Beautiful beers, beautiful Vermont

Sipping a tasty brew in Burlington, Vt., as the sun sets over Lake Champlain. The Vermont Brewer’s Festival is a must-attend event. Ah, Vermont! The rustic land of mountains, farms, villages, and friendly folk is famous for its maple syrup, cheese, and (recently) beer. Oodles and oodles of beer. Vermont has the most breweries per… Continue reading Beautiful beers, beautiful Vermont

Skip the Roses and Reach for Beer this Valentine’s Day

You may have heard rumors that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Rose growers and makers of chocolate, greeting cards, teddy bears, sexy underthings, and wine all love this time of year.  The day may be a favorite of those who are into such things, but what about the beer geek on your list? If your beer… Continue reading Skip the Roses and Reach for Beer this Valentine’s Day

Pairing beer and food

With breweries and beer choices multiplying like yeast cells in wort (beer before yeast transforms the sugary water into BEER), people are giving real thought to how to best pair beer with food. When the only brews available were choices of light lagers, pairing beer with food was simple – either beer worked with the… Continue reading Pairing beer and food