German lagers – more than just Oktoberfest

Right now, one can’t enter a package store without tripping over an Oktoberfest beer. Nearly every brewer makes one, and they’re as ubiquitous in the fall months as leaves on the ground, but they’re only the tip of the proverbial German lager iceberg (what a mental image that is). Heck, Oktoberfest is just another name for Märzen, a… Continue reading German lagers – more than just Oktoberfest

Pairing beer and food

With breweries and beer choices multiplying like yeast cells in wort (beer before yeast transforms the sugary water into BEER), people are giving real thought to how to best pair beer with food. When the only brews available were choices of light lagers, pairing beer with food was simple – either beer worked with the… Continue reading Pairing beer and food