Beautiful beers, beautiful Vermont

Sipping a tasty brew in Burlington, Vt., as the sun sets over Lake Champlain. The Vermont Brewer’s Festival is a must-attend event. Ah, Vermont! The rustic land of mountains, farms, villages, and friendly folk is famous for its maple syrup, cheese, and (recently) beer. Oodles and oodles of beer. Vermont has the most breweries per… Continue reading Beautiful beers, beautiful Vermont

Autumn beers and their malty goodness

It’s late-August and the fall beers have arrived in force. Until recently, autumn offerings focused almost exclusively on rich, amber, malty brews based on the traditional German Oktoberfest style. Nowadays, fall beers feature enough pumpkin ales that attempting to try all of them might actually lead to seeing Schroder’s Great Pumpkin. Quite a few locals… Continue reading Autumn beers and their malty goodness